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PalmBUS is the complete solution to manage local public transport service and to proved high value services to passengers. Its leader tecnology is able to provide to authorities and companies static and dynamic visualizations of the network and of the fleet of public transoprt, live monitoring and a complete and pithy certification of the developed service.

PalmBUS allows to provide to users informational services onboard, like informations about the next stop, daily news and advertising messages. Adrift passengers can receive informations at bus stops about arrivals times, meanwhile at home they can visualize, in an interactive and graphic way, the entire network and informations about the service.

PalmBUS is a division of Huge!

Trips schedule

PalmBUS server has the new functionality of "Running Program", that calculates with precision the number of Km of service done.

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ASF Autolinee Como

ASF Autolinee, company concessionaire of public transport in Como (IT) and province, completed online cartography of the service and the integration with Google Maps Transit.

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PalmBUS maps is online

It is online PalmBUS Maps, the portal that allows to access online cartography and all details about the public transport's service, integrated with Google Maps Transit.

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Integration Google Maps Transit

PalmBUS platform allows the integration with Google Maps, publishing the whole structure of network and company service on the Google service.

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Support for SHP format

PalmBUS server allows to download SHP files of lines/stops of the entire Mass Transit network, leting exporting data to the most widespread professional GIS systems.

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Press review PalmBUS RW

The press review of PalmBUS RW is online, the product for the electronic management of sanctions.

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The Solution
Driver Terminal

  A LCD "touch screen" big-sized display allows the driver to interact easily and fastly with the system on board, apart from consulting leisurely informations about the route, like the state advance/delay or the distance from next stop. All this with the immediacy typical of a PC setting.

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Passengers panels

One or more LCD big-sized monitors allow to give passengers informations about next stops and about the structure of the line that the bus is running. The company can also automatically show daily news, informations about the service or advertising messages. 

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Monitoring and certification

PalmBUS visualizes on interactive cartography positions of all the fleet's vehicles, reporting anomalies. Its system of monitoring and certification is able to give interactive informations about activities developed by the fleet, to improve the service and to give data to the organization responsible.

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Complete online 3D topography

PalmBUS allows to represents the entire public transport's network (not just stops) on a interactive 3D representation, overlapped to informations about roads and high definition photos. The graphic visualization allows direct acces to photos of stops, to timetables, etc.

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PalmBUS uses last-generation technologies, that are industrial standard, to give the modernest, reliable and cheap solution available on the market.

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Web visualization

PalmBUS allows to publish directly on web a interactive map of the entire public transport's network, with access to timetables and other informations. The system is integrated also with Google Maps Transits.

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  PalmBUS offers a complete solution for the electronic management and the issue of verbals on board. PalmBUS RW can be integrated with practices of any enterprise and allows to eliminate manual operations and give a computerized platform also to controllers.

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Case Studies
ASF Autolinee

 ASF Autolinee uses PalmBUS for the management of  the structure of the network and the Mass Transit in Como (IT) city and province, and to access Google Maps Transit service.

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Locatelli Autoservizi

Locatelli Autoservizi tests the services on board, the localization and the certification of the service.

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KM Cremona uses PalmBUS RW for the management of inspections on board and for the issue of verbals.

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ATB Bergamo tests PalmBUS RW.

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